Monday, March 5, 2012

Nicholas Looman: Grand Rapids Idiot Open Carrying at School

You may have heard of the case of idiot Nicholas Looman.  This is the moron who open-carried a pistol into a polling place at Aberdeen Elementary School in Grand Rapids, Michigan last month.

Open carrying (which is legal in Looman's case).  Into a polling place.  Get it?  Looman was apparently trying to make the point that Guns and Democracy go together.  While we agree with that point, we are again confronted with another open-carry douchebag that does more to hurt the cause than any anti-gun liberal ever could.

(Above: photo of Billy Joe Badass Nicholas Looman)

Like most rabid open-carriers, Looman was looking for attention.  And he got it.  The school called the police.  The police detained Looman only long enough to verify he had a concealed carry permit.  Once this was verified, the officers told him that he was a complete dumbass and that he was free to leave.

Now of course, Loony Looman is threatening to sue.

We cherish our right to keep and bear arms, and to carry concealed to protect ourselves.  We would very much like to retain those rights.  Whenever some little punk like Nicholas Looman pulls an attention-stunt like this, it hurts the cause of the Second Amendment.  Looman's actions cast all gun owners in a negative light, even though most gun owners have the common sense and good judgment not to act as Looman did.

Looman knew damn well that all hell would break loose if he open-carried his pistol into the school.  Yet, he did it anyway.  Looman satisfied his immature lust for attention at the expense of responsible gun owners.

With "friends" like Nicholas Looman, who needs enemies?

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Where the Presidential candidates stand on gun rights.

The Daily Beast has an interesting, if short, synopsis of the gun control positions held by candidates for President of the United States. 

Bottom Line: Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, and Jon Huntsman are all strong advocates for gun owners.  And of course, Ron Paul is the gun-rights workhorse in the field.  Gun owners have no better friend in Congress than Rep. Paul.

Dishonorable Mention:  Mitt Romney.  Loves his Massachusetts gun control, supports a 5-day waiting period and supports banning so-called "assault rifles" (I got $5 that says Romney couldn't identify an "assault" rifle if his ass depended on it).

And finally, the scourge of the Republican Party.  The short, fat, adulterous little fake conservative from Georgia:

Newt Gingrich is an enemy of gun owners.  And a dangerous one.  He has toured the country claiming to support the rights of gun owners.  He's lying.  Gingrich supported the Lautenberg Amendment, Gun-Free School Zones and other Schumer/Brady-style gun control legislation.  Now that Gingrich is running for President, he claims to be a champion for the rights of gun owners.  Don't believe it. 

See the Daily Beast pictorial here.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hickory, NC City Council Protects Right to Concealed Carry in Parks

Unlike its clueless neighbors neighbors to the East, the City Council in Hickory, North Carolina has voted to allow lawful holders of concealed carry permits (a/k/a law-abiding citizens) to carry their firearms in City parks.  This move comes just weeks after the City Council in Winston-Salem stripped law-abiding CCW permit holders of their right to protect themselves from violent criminals while in City parks.

The message to criminals is clear:  Don't try to rape, rob or kill someone in the City of Hickory.  Your "victim" may turn out to be lawfully armed.  Go to Winston-Salem to commit your crimes, as the City Council has ensured that your victims can't fight back.

For more on this issue, see the editorial Handgun Ordinance Presents No Danger.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Chris Christie-Gun Control Heavyweight

The next time you hear someone blather about how Chris Christie is the answer to the Republicans' Presidential prayers, remember this:  Chris Christie is a rabid anti-gunner.  And not just any kind of anti-gunner.  He's the kind of anti-gun politician that makes Chuck Schumer look like a Life Member of the NRA.

During his time in office, the rude, loud-mouthed, disgustingly obese bully has proven himself to be downright hostile to firearms ownership by law-abiding citizens.  Most recently, Christie opposed the landmark concealed carry reciprocity bill passed by the U.S. House, even though all of New Jersey's Republican House members voted in favor of the bill.  It is sickening for any Republican to even consider that this fat bastard should be President of the United States.  He has no respect for citizens' fundamental right of self-defense, and has been a reliable gun control advocate during his term in office.

Christie's anti-gun philosophy may be explained by his utter contempt for citizens that disagree with him.  He has proven himself to be an angry, rude, confrontational thug in dealing with citizens who ask questions he doesn't like.  With slop-jaws flapping, he uses his loud mouth and massive girth to bully and intimidate people who do not agree with him.  In light of the way he treats his citizens subjects, is it any wonder he is a rabid gun control advocate? 

Chris Christie displays the same mocking, overbearing, arrogant, untouchable attitude that the founders must have had in mind when they drafted the Second Amendment. 

The next time you hear a Republican or so-called conservative lament the fact that Big Chris isn't running for President, do your part to educate them.  Make sure they understand Chris Christie is an enemy of gun owners, and has no business coming within 1500 feet of the Oval Office--not even on a tour.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Daniel J. Mitchell: Possible European Collapse Illustrates Need for Armed Citizenry

Forbes Contributor Daniel J. Mitchell discusses the fear of economic and societal breakdown in Europe, and how these (potential) events underscore the need for an armed citizenry.  The article makes the case against gun control using constitutional arguments and the natural right of self-defense.  Mitchell clearly "gets it" when it comes to the Second Amendment.  This is evidenced by the fact that he does not mention "hunting" as an argument in support of the citizens' right to bear arms.

Mitchell's article is well worth reading:  European Economic Crisis Highlights an Increasingly Important Reason to Oppose Gun Control.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Winston-Salem Council of Idiots Bans Lawful Concealed Carry in City Parks

UPDATED:  Copy of the Winston-Salem ordinance banning concealed carry in parks is attached below.

In response to the North Carolina General Assembly's repeal of a statewide ban on concealed carry in public parks, the Winston-Salem City Council enacted a ban on concealed firearms in most City-owned parks.  This means even law-abiding citizens with valid North Carolina concealed carry permits cannot carry concealed firearms in City parks.

The vote, taken during the City Council meeting on November 21, 2011, was 7 to 1 in favor of the ban.  The lone dissenting vote came from James Taylor, Jr. of the Southeast Ward.  Taylor voted against the ordinance because he favors a ban on concealed carry in all public parks, not just most of them as provided in the ordinance.

No word yet on whether the 8 morons councilpersons have figured out how to make the thugs and criminals obey the ordinance.

For more coverage of the concealed weapon ban, check out:  Winston-Salem bans concealed handguns at most parks and North Carolina: Right to Carry Under Attack in Local Parks!


Winston Salem Ordinance Banning Concealed Carry