Monday, March 5, 2012

Nicholas Looman: Grand Rapids Idiot Open Carrying at School

You may have heard of the case of idiot Nicholas Looman.  This is the moron who open-carried a pistol into a polling place at Aberdeen Elementary School in Grand Rapids, Michigan last month.

Open carrying (which is legal in Looman's case).  Into a polling place.  Get it?  Looman was apparently trying to make the point that Guns and Democracy go together.  While we agree with that point, we are again confronted with another open-carry douchebag that does more to hurt the cause than any anti-gun liberal ever could.

(Above: photo of Billy Joe Badass Nicholas Looman)

Like most rabid open-carriers, Looman was looking for attention.  And he got it.  The school called the police.  The police detained Looman only long enough to verify he had a concealed carry permit.  Once this was verified, the officers told him that he was a complete dumbass and that he was free to leave.

Now of course, Loony Looman is threatening to sue.

We cherish our right to keep and bear arms, and to carry concealed to protect ourselves.  We would very much like to retain those rights.  Whenever some little punk like Nicholas Looman pulls an attention-stunt like this, it hurts the cause of the Second Amendment.  Looman's actions cast all gun owners in a negative light, even though most gun owners have the common sense and good judgment not to act as Looman did.

Looman knew damn well that all hell would break loose if he open-carried his pistol into the school.  Yet, he did it anyway.  Looman satisfied his immature lust for attention at the expense of responsible gun owners.

With "friends" like Nicholas Looman, who needs enemies?

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